Weather Facts, Averages and Records for Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida weather facts and records including temperature and rainfall data plus snow data.

Presented here are weather facts, averages and records for the city of Tampa, Florida. Included in the data are average and record weather temperatures, rain records and annual averages and snowfall total averages and records for Tampa.

Tampa is a big winter retreat for many northerners who escape to the area and fill up the local hotels, motels, restaurants and tourist attractions in western Florida. The weather data presented here for Tampa clearly shows why this is so.

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The weather data is from the Tampa airport and collected by the Southeast Regional Climate Center located at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, NC. The data covers the years 1900 to 2010.

Temperature Data for Tampa, Florida

Record hottest temperature ever recorded in Tampa, Florida is 99 degrees which occurred on June 5, 1985. That's right the city of Tampa has never had a temperature reading of 100 degrees.

Record coldest temperature ever recorded in Tampa is 18 degrees which occurred in December 13, 1962.

The average annual temperature for Tampa is a very comfortable 72.7 degrees.

The coldest average annual temperature month is January at 60.7 degrees and climbs to 62 degrees for February.

The hottest month is August with an average temperature of 82.5 degrees with July just behind at 82.4 degrees.

The average annual daily high temperature for Tampa is 81.7 degrees.

The average annual daily low temperature for Tampa is 63.6 degrees

Rainfall Data for Tampa

The average annual rainfall total for Tampa is 47.44.

The rainiest year on record is 1959 with 76.07 inches of rain.

The driest year on record is 1956 with 26.76 inches of rain.

The rainiest month on average is August with 7.81 inches of rain followed closely by July with 7.57 inches of rain.

The driest month on average is November with 1.55 inches of rain followed by January with 2.17.

Snowfall Totals for Tampa, Florida

Image Source courtesy of the Special Collections Department, University of South Florida (snow in Tampa, Florida on Janaury 17, 1977)

During the Great Blizzard of 1899 the city of Tampa temporarily experienced blizzard like conditions.

In December of 1934 and January's of 1940 and 1948 trace amounts of snow fell in Tampa.

On January 17, 1977 Tampa experienced its only recorded amounts of snow when .2 tenths of an inch fell overnight in the city (see photo).

On January 8-9 and December 28 in 2010 for the first time in one year Tampa had two traces of snowfall.

Sunshine Totals in Tampa, Florida

The city of Tampa, Florida receives 66% of all its possible sunshine annually. Other cities in the United States at 66% sunshine levels include San Francisco, California, Salt Lake City, Utah and Cheyenne, Wyoming. San Juan, Puerto Rico also has 66% annual sunshine levels.

Image Source by 2candle

With plenty of sunshine and warm weather in the winter the hotels, condos and motels in the Tampa area fill up with snow-birds looking to escape the cold northern winters.

Extreme Weather in Tampa

The city of Tampa, Florida is well known for having severe thunderstorms and deaths from lightning have been recorded in the area.

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