Visiting S. Florida (Broward)? Here Are Some Night Activities.

After the ticket has been bought and the hotel room has been reserved, most people try to create their own itinerary when traveling. After all the site seeing and monument photographs, (which are normally seen during the day) many people try to look for something fun to do at night.

You can attempt to ask a local but chances are you will either get the wrong information or you’ll meet one who has no interest in anything you want to do. In South Florida for instance (a melting pot of people) there are many venues one can find themselves getting into.

Broward County is the first county North of Miami-Dade and has a very attractive social life. Broward Blvd is home to Broward County ’s Downtown area. Five miles East of interstate 95 lies a strip called Las Olas. Las Olas caters to many young and mature adults with a variety of night clubs and bars.

Thursday night is ladies at the popular Capone’s Night club. Although the women are free all night, men only have to pay five dollars for admission. The music is always spun by a live DJ and the drinks aren’t as expensive as those in South Beach .

If that doesn’t suit you, or if it isn’t a Thursday, don’t let it stop you from having fun. Las Olas is always booming from Thursday-Sunday. Every night the bars are filled with people and the music varies from spot to spot.  Located just a few miles away from the beach people can meet there and drive to the beach for other festivities.

If you’re looking for something a little more at ease you can always check out the few quiet poetry spots. West of interstate 95 on Sunrise BLVD there is a poetry spot where open mics are welcome and talent is always present. There is a new theme ever night and poets take the stage and express themselves accordingly. Refreshments are served and a DJ spins music as people take seat and induldge in poetry from all around. Take interstate 95 to Sunrise BLVD. continue west until you approach 55th ave. make a left and drive until you reach 19th street . Right on the left is the WRITE SIDE POETRY Theater. Contact the owner Raymond Dominguez at 954 – 628-2243.


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