Utopia Barber Shop Review

brief description od Utopia Hair shop.

In today’s fashion world, you have to keep up with the trends that are happening. From Mohawks to buzz cuts, finding the right place that can make you look like the people in the magazine can be hard, and at times, very expensive. But with the hair shop entitled “Utopia” on North Ave and Mcvicker, you will have to look no further to get the style that is in season.

The shop consist of three highly skilled licensed barbers who specialized in all the latest trends (graphics, mullets, etc), skilled hair stylist that will guarantee that her clients will leave with the look that they dreamed about, and also if you want to touch up those hard working hands while you wait for your turn in the chair, there is also a nail section where women (and of course men) can get a nice manicure. And the best part about Utopia and all that is offered is that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

What sets this hair shop apart from the others is the atmosphere in which men and women can come together and be able to talk amongst each other in peace and harmony (unlike other shops in which they established a men are from Mars women are from Venus boundary). Besides a class room, where else can you find a hair shop like this?

The shop is convenient in the neighborhood because there are numerous places around the shop. Shop you can get your do, get lunch and dinner, gas up the car and find a nice outfit all in the same community. With the shop along with the same district as a couple of clothing store boutiques, staying in style is as easy as pie.

If you want to go and get shaped up at Utopia, you can either call or make an appointment or you can just come on by and have a seat (but prepared to wait for a while for the wait times can be long, which means it’s worth it).

As we kick off spring in full effect, if you’re a fashionista you need to get up on the latest hair trends happening everywhere and in the music videos, and what better place to get the looks you want for the prices you can afford. Ask for Curtis and he will give you information on openings, appointments and special discounts.


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