Top 10 Reasons to Live and Vacation in San Diego

A top ten list of reasons to make San Diego your next vacation or reloction spot.

Just ten minutes from the Mexico border, San Diego, California is a Mecca for surfers, intellectuals, celebrities and business executives. Just two hours south of Los Angeles, this city offers the best of Southern California living. Whether you are a tourist looking for your next vacation spot, or a person who simply longs to relocate to a new city, San Diego offers amenities to entice any type of traveler. Young or old, American or foreigner, San Diego truly has it all. There is no reason why anyone who hasn't visited this beautiful land should wait any longer. The following paragraphs will lay out the top ten reasons why anyone and everyone should live or at least travel to this fine city.

The first reason to visit San Diego is easy. The weather. It cannot be beat. San Diego is blessed with an average temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit and virtually no humidity. This is a nice temperature compared with the majority of the country which faces temperatures from below zero to over 100. Seasonal affect disorder is more of a myth here than a reality for anyone as it is sunny almost every day. With the combination of the sunshine, ocean, palm trees and mountains, it truly is hard to be depressed or stay inside all day. San Diego forces one to be happy and content. It just come naturally to those who live here.

The second reason to choose San Diego for your next travel adventure is the ocean. There are so many beaches and bays in this area that the possibilities for fun are endless. One may rent jet skis or kayaks year round, dine on sunset cruises, cruise to Mexico for a steal, cruise to Catalina, snorkel, scuba dive and go deep sea fishing. It is also very easy to find companions who own boats of yahts and love to have people spend the afternoon boating on the bay with them. There is also parasailing, wake boarding, boogie boarding and surfing by the abundance. Water lovers will never be bored in San Diego.

The third reason to come to San Diego is the culture. San Diego is rich in historical and artistic culture. Balboa park offers several museums and theaters as well as gardens to stimulate any mind. Music lovers have choices as well such as the House of Blues, the Symphony, the Casbah, Anthology and the various amphitheaters and arenas. Some wonderful music has come out of San Diego, and new bands are forming and performing all of the time.

The fourth reason to choose San Diego is for the animal lovers of the world. San Diego has one of the best zoos in the world. The animals are happy and have simulating environments. There is a zoo downtown in Balboa Park as well as a wild animal park in the northern part of the county. In addition to zoos, San Diego also is home to a SeaWorld, Birch Aquarium and several whale watching excursions.

Not an animal lover? That is OK. Maybe you prefer sports? San Diego is the home of the Padre's baseball team as well as the San Diego Chargers. Both offer great entertainment when attending their live games either at Qualcomm Stadium or Petco Park. This would be the fifth reason to visit, although there is so much to do, sports often aren't as emphasized here as they are in other parts of the US.

The sixth reason to get to San Diego is for the ease of travel. The San Diego airport is one of the easiest, hassle-free airports around. It is small, easy to navigate and rarely crowded. Not only is the airport easy to navigate, but so are the San Diego roads. There are a few major highways that go through San Diego county making places easy to find while cutting down travel times. It is truly possible to travel anywhere in San Diego county in twenty minutes. The traffic is incredibly mild in comparison with other large cities of its caliber and is almost nothing when compared with Los Angeles. There is also no smog cloud lurking over San Diego as there is in LA.

Lucky number seven is my personal favorite which is the abundance of wonderful food and wine. The dining in San Diego is diverse and top notch. Whether it is a taco shop or fine dining you are in the mood for, San Diego has it and chances are, it will be some of the best cuisine you have ever tasted. There is nothing you could imagine wanting to eat that you couldn't find in San Diego. The food is fresh and the service is usually top notch as well.

The eight reason to visit San Diego is for the sub culture. There are several sub cultures here which are rich and wonderful. Whether you are a hipster, liberal, hippie, prep, homosexual, minority, musician, movie buff or a farmer there will always be a place here full of like minded people which could be close to the feeling of being home. There truly is something for everyone, and often entire neighborhoods dedicated to such subculture groups. In such a small city, there are several smaller neighborhoods which give one a feeling and sense of community which often comes from living in a smaller city or town.

The ninth reason to say yes to San Diego is the location. San Diego is only two hours south of LA, and 10 minutes north of Mexico. Visiting San Diego could spawn off into multiple trips. There is also Big Bear Lake 3 hours away in the mountains for snowboarders or skiers and Las Vegas is only five hours away by car. Not to mention there are fabulous places to visit surrounding San Diego such as the Temecula Wine Country and the fabulous eastern city of Julian. Further east there is also Joshua Tree, and Palm Springs is very close as well. Staying in San Diego could open up a whole new world of traveling adventures.

The final, tenth reason to visit San Diego is for the eye candy. Eye candy refers to anything that is pleasing to the eye. San Diego is absolutely picturesque. There is something for any eye to be pleased about whether it be the mountains, the vegetation, the water, the architecture, the people or the wildlife. San Diego is home to several wild parrots and seals. There are also many gorgeous plants and flowers, as well as fresh flower stands on every block. The people all look better in San Diego as well, as the whether permits the residents to do much more activities outdoors which allows for exercise and stress relief. Beach bodies are the norm, and there is even a beach which permits them to be nude.

Whether you are a travel enthusiast, or someone who wants to start a new chapter in a fresh, new place, San Diego is truly the way to go. With the lush scenery, abundance of activities, and richness of culture, there truly is something for everyone. So the next time you feel like getting away or picking up and moving, give San Diego some consideration. You will be so happy you came, and could easily find yourself never wanting to leave.


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