The Laughing Seed Cafe Vegetarian Restaurant in Asheville North Carolina Pleases All Tastes

Whether you're looking for organic and natural, vegan or just good eats, The Laughing Seed Cafe in Ashville, North Carolina is the restaurant for you.

Whether you are vegetarian or not, if you are travelling through the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, you'll want to be sure to stop and take in a breath of fresh mountain air in the form of incredible vegetarian cuisine at The Laughing Seed Cafe' in Asheville, North Carolina located at 40 Wall Street.

The name of the restaurant comes from a legend by the same name.  The Laughing Seed legend comes from the Indonesian island of Bouton where there is said to be a "laughing seed plant."  For many years, this plant was sacred to the people of the Spice Islands. The legend goes something like this - When the people ate the seeds from the laughing seed plant, they became overcome and intoxicated with laughter.  And, it is said they could even communicate with the gods.  The legend, passed down, is told that this wonderful food satisfied appetites and created a sense of fullness including a well-being that lasted for many days.

In Asheville, North Carolina, there is a restaurant that carries on this legend in their offering of incredibly delicious yet organic or natural foods.  Though, you may not communicate with any gods, after eating their food, you're sure to have a smile on your face or laughter in your heart.  A vegan can relax and enjoy this restaurant alongside a family who just wants to come for the delicious flavors of the food offered by The Laughing Seed Cafe'.  Located at 40 Wall Street in the heart of Asheville and reachable by phone at 828-252-3445, The Laughing Seed Cafe' offers delicious cuisine that is good for you.

In 1991, the idea of The Laughing Seed Cafe' began when Joan and Joe Eckert started a small lunch counter out of the lower level of a local YMCA. In 1993, they expanded and moved to Wall Street located in the Blue Ridge mountains. They were the first business in the now popular downtown district.

Two factors have been the spark that light the flame in their success: Quality and creativity. The Laughing Seed Cafe' has an international eclectic approach to vegetarian cuisine.  With the creativity put into their menu selections, meat eaters can dine alongside vegetarians without realizing they are missing the meat.  And, the environment is elegant yet relaxed making it comfortable for your traveling family as well as a romantic evening out with just the two of you.  The Laughing Seed’s ambiance is like walking into an oasis.  You will find pleasing soothing colors and a mural of the rainforest along with an incredibly relaxing sound of a babbling fountain that can melt away your cares even before you take a bite of their food or drink in the form of fresh fruit smoothies, martinis, wines, etc.  When the weather is nice, you can even dine outside on their sheltered patio.

On your next trip that takes you through the Blue Ridge Mountains, don't pass by The Laughing Seed Cafe'.  Stop in and have a meal.  You might just find the rest of your journey a little more enjoyable after being filled with good food and perhaps a little laughter among friends.  If you're not laughing when you leave, make sure you take a scoop of their "laughing seeds to go" which are in a small bowl next to the cash register and are chocolate candy-shell coated sunflower seeds for your after-dining enjoyment.

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