The Best Japanese Style Karaoke Bars in Manhattan

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A Karaoke party is one of the best ways to sing in a special day with a group of your friends. Unlike most "public" Karaoke bars, where you wait for hours on a busy night just to perform in front of a bar full of strangers, private "Japanese style" Karaoke rooms offered at a few places in Manhattan provide the comfort and security of a more intimate setting, not to mention for a good deal. Here's a list of the best places to go:


Japas not only has multiple locations, it also provides amazing party deals for groups over 4 where you can have truly Japanese styled "All You Can Drink" starting at $35 a person. This price gives you a room for two hours, some food and all the alcohol your liver desires. Japas also has by far the best selection of songs that I am aware of. You can find a wide range of new and old hits, as well as Japanese songs if you have some Japanese friends.

Japas has three locations in Manhattan:

  • Japas27 - A smaller, slightly more rundown but still cozy space above a restaurant on 3rd Ave between 26th and 27th street. It's a good alternative to Sing Sing in East Village.
  • Japas38 - A much more modern space with a good selection of food, and a really nice bar if you want to sing a few songs while waiting for friends. It's located on 38th street between 5th Ave and Madison.
  • Japas55 - Also a great space close to some really good restaurants. It's on 55th St between Broadway and 8th Ave. The manager on Sundays is really cool.

Group reservations need to be made in advance, call your respective location and inquire about the procedure.


Sing Sing is a good alternative if you live in the lower part of Manhattan. Both locations are located in the East Village, one on St Mark's between 3rd and 2nd Ave and the other on Ave A at 5th St. The St Mark's location is slightly less grungy than it's Ave A cousin. The prices tend to be high on weekends, and the song selection and equipment aren't as up to date as Japas, but it is still a comparable alternative. Sing Sing also includes their tip in the bill, so it makes you feel like you really are in Japan [unless of course there's a guy trying to sing "Unbreak My Heart" down the bar].

Alternative Karaoke Spots:

When it comes to throwing a Karaoke party with friends, my only advice to ward of those first ten to fifteen song hesitation is to start some drinking games. This really, really speeds up the time it takes for everyone to be jumping up and down on the seats while singing "Everybody" by Backstreet Boys.

Happy Singing!


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