Tallest Buildings in Baltimore

The tallest buildings in Baltimore make up a great skyline along the city's Inner Harbor.

These are the tallest buildings in Baltimore, Maryland. All of these buildings are at least 400 feet in height. The city of Baltimore does not have an especially tall or large skyline but because of its location along a harbor and along Interstate 95 the skyline of Baltimore is both pretty and well viewed. All of these tallest buildings in Baltimore are located near fine hotels and restaurants in the city as well as near the Inner Harbor which is a big tourist attraction in Baltimore.

Image Source by Nfutvol (Baltimore city skyline along the Inner Harbor)

1) Legg Mason Building - 529 feet

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The tallest building in Baltimore is the 529 foot high Legg Mason Building which is located at 100 Light Street. Completed in 1973 the 40 story Legg Mason Building was the home of investment firm Legg Mason until 2007 when the firm moved to another building and will soon become the home of a Baltimore law firm. The Legg Mason Building is conveniently located near the best hotels and restaurants in Baltimore.

2) Bank of America Building - 509 feet

Image Source by Andrew Bossi

The Bank of America Building in Baltimore is located at 10 Light Street and at 509 feet in height is the 2nd tallest building in Baltimore, Maryland. Built in 1924 the 37 floor Bank of America Building was built in the old Art Deco style of that era. The original owner of the building the Baltimore Trust Company went broke during the Great Depression which was caused by the Federal Reserve and the building ended up housing the New Deal's Public Works Administration.

3) William Donald Schaefer Building - 493 feet

Image Source by Amin Eshaker

The William Donald Schaefer Building is located at 6 Saint Paul Place in downtown Baltimore, Maryland and at 493 feet in height is the 3rd tallest building in the city. Built in 1992 the 37 floor building is named for William Donald Schaefer who was the mayor of Baltimore from 1972-1986 and Governor of Maryland from 1987-1995. Today the William Donald Schaefer Building is owned by the Maryland Department of General Services.

4) Commerce Place - 454 feet

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Commerce Place is located at 1 South Street and is the 4th tallest building in the city. Built in 1992 Commerce Place has 31 floors most of which are office space while two floors are retail. Commerce Place is yet another building in Baltimore located downtown near all the city's attractions and hotels.

5) 100 East Pratt Street - 418 feet

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100 East Pratt Street has a funny looking top and took over 19 years to build as it was started in 1973 and then work halted in 1975 and the building was not completed until 1997. 100 East Pratt Street has 28 floors and overlooks the Inner Harbor and its tourist attractions in Baltimore.

6) Baltimore World Trade Center - 405 feet

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The Baltimore World Trade Center is located at 401 East Pratt Street right along the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. The building was built to jut out into the harbor like the prow of a ship and is the tallest equal five sided building in the world and 6th tallest building in the city. Owned by the State of Maryland the 32 floor Baltimore World Trade Center has an observation deck called The Top of the World that is open to the public and offers fantastic views of the Inner Harbor.

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