State of Illinois

State of Illinois is known as the Praire State and the farmlands that visitors see are usually planted with corn or soybeans.

State of Illinois is known as the Prairie State and the farmlands are usually planted with corn or soybeans.  The state sends produce all around the world.

Chicago is the third largest city in the United States and Chicago has become the nation’s busiest port. 

Rivers bordered the state on most of the sides.  Lake Michigan can be found in the northeastern corner and Mississippi River is on the Western side.  On the southern side is the Ohio River and on the east side is the Wabash River.

The State of Illinois has five hundred waterways.  The Illinois River, which is the longest river inside the state, runs into the Mississippi River.  There are two rivers that also emptied into the Mississippi River and they are the Kaskaskia River and the Rock River.

Lake Michigan, which can be found in the northeastern corner, flows into the Saint Lawrence Seaways.  The Seaways connect the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean.

With cold winds from the north and the warm winds from the south together they sweep across the state’s plains.  The winds make the temperatures rise and drop very quickly.  The temperatures in the summer are usually seventy five in the north and eighties in the south part of the state.  The winter temperatures drop to below twenty five in the north part and thirty six in the southern part of the state. Tornadoes and thunderstorms threaten the cities of the state.  Wild animals in the state are deer, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, foxes, muskrats, beavers, mink, and otters.

The famous Statue of Black Hawk stands outside of Oregon, Illinois and overlooks the Rock River. A four month war between the Indians and the United States government happened in 1832.  The white settlers and the United States government wanted to claim the land.  The Indians had other thoughts as they refused to move off the land.

In 1837, John Deere invented the tractor in another small town in Illinois and that small town is Grand Detour. Mr. Deere made the first plow in his workshop there.  I recommend touring both the Statue of Black Hawk and John Deere house and workshop.

Two thirds of the work force in Illinois serves as teachers, nurses, doctors, salespeople, and bankers.

The sport teams are the Chicago White Sox and the Chicago Cubs for baseball.  Football is the Chicago Bears and hockey is Chicago Black Hawks.  We cannot forget basketball with the Chicago Bulls.


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