Someone You Should Know "Gloria Nash"

Gloria Nash left the Oak Park Monastery school a couple of months back but is still holding onto the passion that she has from her career. Students considered her a mother more then a teacher making the goodbye pleasant but yet bitter sweet. Her presence

By Jeramie L BIzzle


     Gloria Nash (67) has been a resident in the Austin community for forty years after moving from 18th and Karlow to the 5800 block of Midway Park in 1972 with husband Vernon. The mother of three and grandmother of five spent 33 years working in childcare at West Suburban Montessori School located at 1039 S East Ave in Oak Park. Nash began her career in childcare in 1979 when the opportunity was presented to her by the Administrator of the school Larry Lewis. Though she has not yet received her degree, she attended Harold Washington College in 1963 and attending numerous trainings and programs at Morton College and Triton College.

 Before childcare, Gloria first career approach was in nursing, but after brief studies in the field she later changed professions. “I wanted to be a nurse, but I wasn’t passionate about it. Seven of my family members are nurses, but childcare was a nitch for me and I didn’t know it”, Says Nash.

     Recently Gloria retired from her position as super visor of childcare at West Suburban to pursue other goals in her life, including traveling, learning to swim and learning more about computers. Nash also mentions that she would love to teach crafts in an independent living facility to seniors and participate more with her church. 437 parents, students and staff honored her years of work with a retirement celebration with everyone in attendance giving her a flower and spoke of how much she affected everyone with her presence. Sarah Saylor, President of the Board, mentioned in her speech, “What a testament to you… and what you mean to so many, many people here. Thank you for your help”. Administrators refused her when she tried to hand them back her keys in a way of saying that their door is always open if needed.  In her career, she has been a second mom to an estimated 1,700 students and says that being compassionate, having patients and loving them as if they were your own is what makes a difference. “When those children give you hugs or call you mom and don’t want to leave you, it makes a difference, not saying that’s not what I didn’t receive while I was in school but that’s what I give” says Nash.

     Since her retirement, Gloria has said to been enjoying her off time and mentions that her husband is enjoying it now that he can come home to a hot plate. She looks back on her career with no regrets and is anxious to see what the next chapter in her life is. “My life has been rewarding, but I know God is not done with me yet. Until then I am going to take it one day at a time”, says Nash.


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