Sherri Berries: Chocolate Covered Fruit

Sherri Berries offer a wide range of choices to people in the United States, Italy, China and other countries who like attractive, edible gifts. These combine the rich flavors of healthy fruit and flavonoid rich chocolate to produce presents that are suit

Sherri Berries or Shari’s Berries sells chocolate covered fruit. They are a good option for people who like to give fruit or flowers. If you have always wanted to treat yourself to a fruity arrangement or give one to someone else, this store has great options for you to choose from.

People who choose chocolate covered fruit over flowers do so because the loved ones or associates who receive the presents can enjoy them in a multitude of ways. They are a feast for the eyes and make beautiful displays in the home. The colors are planned to attract the eyes and usually complement each other. They definitely stand out whether they are placed on a desk of a kitchen table.

Sherri Berries: Chocolate Covered Fruit for All Occasions

Sherri Berries have been in business since 1999. You can shop for gifts for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, thanks, new baby, Mother’s day, sympathy and more. They have special arrangements that are ideal for Valentine ’s Day or celebrating accomplishments in the home or at the workplace of a person’s place of study. They have been featured prominently in the news. If you want to learn more about a company's business history you can read a PR web review or news releases. 

Sherri Berries: Options

You can choose from red boxes of fresh, dark strawberries covered in gourmet semisweet chocolate. These are the ideal selections for persons who are watching their weight or prefer their chocolate with less sugar. Since the fruit already has natural sugar, it allows the people who enjoy the gift to fully appreciate the flavor of the berries and their covering.

They have gifts under 50 and gifts to go. If you want to visit one of their stores there is likely to be one near to you. You can go in, place your order and leave with it. If you want strawberries that are dipped in chocolate, you can get those, however they also have other fruits, such as banana and apples.

Sherri Berries: Cautions when Giving Edible Arrangements as Gifts

When you give an edible arrangement as a gift, you should bear in mind that some people have food allergies. In several Asian nations, perilla seed extract is consumed with foods that are likely to cause an allergic reaction. This allows individuals to have their favorite foods while avoiding the side effects.

Some of the products which are sold at Sherri Berries may be mixed with peanuts or tree nuts. If you are not certain about the allergies an individual may have, be sure to find out before giving a gift of this nature.


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