Best Restaurant's in Richmond, VA

There are some great choices available to anyone who visits or lives in Richmond, VA or the tri-cities area. Some of my favorite restaurants include:

  • Texas De Brazil: Texas De Brazil offers so many different meat choices and men they call "gauchos" walk around with different types of meats on a stick to slice off and put on your plate. They have an incredible salad bar stocked with many different options. It is a bit pricey, but you can sign up to receive emails from them and they will give you discounts, even half off or buy one get one free deals. They have the best selection of meat out of any restaurant I've ever been to. They also serve you mashed potatoes and banana sprinkled with sugar and spices. This is an all you can eat type of restaurant. You get a small "button" which is really just a paper circle with the color red on one side and the color green on the other. When you are ready for the gauchos or men to walk by to serve your table you place the button on green, when you are ready to stop receiving meat you flip the button over to red. You are welcome to go to the salad bar as much as you want. The salad bar not only has salad, but it has hot entrees, pasta and bread as well. There are many options and lots of great food to choose from. You will be stuffed with food by the time you're finished eating there, but you will have enjoyed the whole experience. This restaurant has quickly become my favorite.
  • The Melting Pot: The Melting Pot is a fondue style restaurant. They are a little pricey as well, but again you can get discounts by signing up on their website or filling out a comment card when eating there. They offer four course meals including your salad, a cheese appetizer, meat and vegetables and chocolate dessert. There are many options to choose from though. They have several varieties of salad and different cheese concoctions to create. They also have several meats to choose from or you can mix and match meats. They also offer a variety of chocolates to choose from. If you don't know what fondue style is, it is where you have a large bowl in front of you where a mixture is cooking, you have several skewers to place foods on to dip into the fondue bowl of whatever mixture is currently cooking. With the cheese mixture you usually get things like bread and apples to dip into the cheese. You cook your meat and potatoes in whatever broth mixture you choose using your skewers and pull them out once they are cooked to eat. The Melting Pot also has many sauces to choose from for your meats and vegetables. The Melting Pot is a very nice place to eat and you will enjoy the experience.
  • Ruth’s Chris:  Ruth's Chris is a steakhouse, which happens to be a chain. The atmosphere is very nice there. They always have a person playing the piano. The steak is pretty good and they offer you a large side which you can easily split with another person. This is a bit of a pricey restaurant too, which you probably won't get as much food as the first two restaurant's mentioned, but the steak is delicous and the atmosphere is very nice.
  • Shula’s 2:  Shula's 2 is inside a hotel, but it is a very nice restaurant with good food options. They have steak and some other more inexpensive options to choose from as well. The food and the service are both really good there. Plus, you can save more money by purchasing gift certificates from to get your dinner cheaper there.
  • The Boardwalk: The Boardwalk is a small place that is a drive-inn restaurant. You drive up to the trailer and you can order to go or you can sit in the small area inside or outside on the benches underneath the car port. The Boardwalk has really good hamburgers and hot dogs. They also offer good side dishes like baked beans and cole slaw. The Boardwalk is a nice inexpensive option when dining out.
  • Roy’s Burgers: Roy's Burgers is another small drive-inn country style restaurant that offers bologna burgers, burgers, fries, hot dogs and chicken strips. The burgers are great at Roy's and it is an inexpensive dining out option. You can either get your food to go or sit outside, either way they have really good food.


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