Rain X: The Chemical Windshield Wiper

Rain X is an applicated chemical polymer which repels rain by preventing it from bonding with the glass on your windshield.

When driving during rain, vision can often be a difficult prospect. During the time it takes for a windshield wiper to return across your windshield, water has already begun to stick in heavy rainfall and obscure your vision. Windshield wipers are also one more added distraction during hazardous rainy driving conditions, and heavy use of the wipers can wear out the windshield wiper motor system, which necessitates expensive repair and replacement of manufacturer parts.

Rain X window treatment seeks to alleviate visual difficulty while driving in heavy rain or light mist. Rain X works in the form of a squirt bottle and paper towel applicator. It bonds to your windshield while dry, and works as an excellent repellent during heavy rain, light rain, and even mist. Regular application of the chemical can reduce windshield wiper usage, thus decreasing the frequency of replacing the wipers themselves and the motor that controls them. Rain X is effective at any speed. Below 45 miles per hour, rain streaks down the window; above it, the wind pushes rain up and over your car. This does depend upon the slant of your windshield. Rain X can also improve driving safety through complete coverage of your windshield, which is something that no wiper can boast, no matter how effective its design.

Water has a tendency to cling to the side of a container or piece of glass. This is because water clings to itself through simple hydrogen bonds. Some glass molecules consist of SiOH (silicon hydroxide) which means that water is also attracted to the sides of the glass. If water droplets are small enough, then the strength of the hydrogen bond will overcome the pull of gravity and cause water droplets to stick to the glass.

This is what you see when you drive your car in the rain. Although raindrops are heavy enough to succumb to gravity, the oblique angle of your windshield causes drops to splash and create many smaller drops which will stick to your windshield. Rain X prevents this by coating the glass with a chemically transparent polymer that prevents water from linking up in the form of hydrogen bonds with the glass. Since no hydrogen bonds can be formed with the chemically-inert polymer and the pores of the glass are effectively blocked by Rain X, the rain has no choice but to allow gravity to pull it down to a surface that will accept it like the ground.

In my experiences with Rain X, one application of the product can last between one to two months. The product performs as advertised, and it is really a lot of fun to see rain whizzing down your windshield! To apply it, you must clean your windshield and thoroughly dry it. After this, you can just wait for it to rain and chuckle at the drivers who have their wipers on turbo mode. If you apply Rain X to the remotest corners of your windshield, then rain will simply fall off your window, even in the areas that the wipers cannot reach.





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