Product Review: Blue Diamond Almond Breeze

Product Review: How does Almond Breeze taste, and how nutritious is it?

Years ago even soy milk was a challenge to find. These days, it's sold in just about every grocery store and easy to locate. I was accustomed to drinking soy milk because I thought it was the best alternative to dairy milk. I also tried rice milk, and that was good and flavorful, but seemed a bit watery, in my opinion. Over the last few years, I stumbled upon almond milk and gave it a try. After one taste I was hooked!

I love soy milk, and rice milk is also very good, but my favorite dairy alternative is Almond Breeze Almond Milk. I think almond milk has a wonderful flavor. I used to drink soy milk all the time until I discovered how delicious and nutritious almond milk was. My usual brand is Almond Breeze, which is wonderful,

Nutritional Profile

For a standard one cup (240 mL) serving, Almond Breeze has 60 calories, 25 from fat, and no cholesterol, unlike even fat free dairy milk. Almond Breeze contains 6% RDA of sodium, 5% potassium, and 1 gram of protein per serving. It provides 1 gram (4%) of fiber and 7 grams of sugar. It is a good source of vitamins E and D as well as calcium, vitamin A, and other vitamins and minerals.

Almond Breeze Almond Milk provides as much calcium and vitamin D as dairy milk but without any cholesterol, saturated fat, or lactose, and even with less sugar per serving as well.

The Flavor

Almond Breeze tastes great and has a very smooth and creamy flavor with a subtle sweetness and hint of almond flavor. It does not taste like dairy milk or soy milk and is more substantial and flavorful than rice milk, in my opinion. I highly recommend this product if you are concerned with drinking dairy milk for any reason or have been looking into healthier options.

I have also tried Silk's Almond Milk, and prefer Almond Breeze.


Almond Breeze is made from filtered water, cane juice, almonds, and other ingredients. Almond Breeze does contain a small amount of soy (soy lecithin), so those allergic to soy might want to avoid this brand. (Silk also offers an almond milk, Silk Pure Almond, which contains no soy and uses sunflower lecithin in place of the soy lecithin. Both Almond Breeze Almond Milk and Silk Pure Almond are vegan.)

Almond Breeze is made without genetically modified ingredients and is pure and natural, without any chemicals, antibiotics, preservatives, and other harmful ingredients.

While Almond Breeze is a healthy alternative to dairy milk and soy milk, fortified with vitamins and minerals and rich in antioxidants, this product is obviously not qualified to be used as infant formula but is safe for children and adults of all ages.

The Container

Almond Breeze comes in a mainly sky blue container with the words Almond Breeze Rich and Creamy Almond Milk near the middle of the front of the package. Near the top is the brand Blue Diamond in white lettering inside of a blue diamond-shaped space and the word "natural" below the brand's name in green lettering. Milk is shown splashing onto a healthy fruity bowl of cereal near the bottom of the label.

The almond milk comes in the standard waxy cardboard container, in which most half gallons of milk are housed. I believe such containers are easily recyclable or reusable. Almond Breeze displays nutritional information on the very next panel (if you turn the container clockwise) and has a white plastic screw-off cap for easy pouring and storage. It is suggested to shake well before using and must remain refrigerated. Find out even more information at

Other Products from Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond, the makers of Almond Breeze, was founded in 1910 and are the "largest nut processing and marketing company." They claim to be "dedicated to offering a variety of ways to enjoy... tasty and nutritious almonds everyday," according to their website.

Blue Diamond also produces a variety of other almond-based products, such as Almond Butter, Nut Thins (crackers), cooking and baking almonds, oven-roasted almonds, flavored almonds, and more. You can find recipes and more information at the website,


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