Portland Coupon Sites

How to find coupons to use in the Portland, Oregon area.

Coupons are a great way to save money. If you live in or are traveling to Portland, Oregon there are a number of great Portland coupon sites to use to obtain discounts. Obtaining these coupons is usually cost free with the exception of some time. The coupons can be used at restaurants, museums, parks and other attractions. Here are some places to obtain your bargains.

One easy place to reach is www.bogopod.com. This site has discounts to numerous places and provides a filter on the left hand side allowing you to sort by type of discount. You can sort by family, parks, museums, theaters, restaurants and others. The coupons are printed out from the website.

Another superb site for coupons for all things Portland is www.couponsportlandor.com. This site is more geared to services and local residents, but has some great coupons for visitors as well. This site varies its offerings weekly so you need to check it often to look for your discounts. The web page is simple to use and the presentation is cheering.

More local coupons can be accessed at www.valpak.com. This site covers entertainment, services, hotels, restaurants, groceries and more. This site is nation wide, so if you are traveling you can also obtain coupons for other areas. The services are especially helpful when you are looking for a maid or somewhere to fix your car.

If you are looking just for restaurant coupons, www.portlandoregon.com is a great place to use. This site features discounts at many Portland area restaurants and also includes the web sites for the restaurants so you can find out about their menu and location before you print out your discount. This is a great way to choose that romantic place you may be looking for.

If you book your hotel through www.reservations.travelportland.com you will receive a free and very detailed coupon book for the greater Portland area. This book covers just about anything you might want to do and a few you haven't thought of. The hotels listed are varying prices and usually include a perk like free parking during your stay.

If you don't mind spending a little money, and intend to be in the area for a week or so, going to www.entertainment.com. This is a local coupon book, but it is large and thorough. You will have to shell out some cash, somewhere around $30 or so but you should make this back on the deals in this book. If you go to the Portland area often or actually live there, this is usually a great deal. A similar type of book is the Chinook book sold at the New Season's market and other locations in Portland.

If you get lost easily, the site at www.thedealmap.com is for you. Not only does it have a broad selection of Portland area coupons it includes a map to their location. This makes it very easy to select a great site near where you want to visit, for example, the Portland Zoo.

As you can see, there are many Portland coupon sites. I have only included in this article free sites or sites where you need to pay a one time fee. There are other sites such as www.Groupon.com and the like that have coupons that you must pay for. I think of these as tickets, not coupons, and did not include these. However, Groupon, a national company, is the best of these sites and checking it out may also save you money. It all depends on what your are looking for and how much you want to invest in your coupon search.


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