Orlando Amusement Park Rides: Height Requirements

Orlando Amusement Park Ride Heights

You are at one of the Orlando Parks having a great day, when you discover junior can't go with you on the ride.  That means you either each ride it by yourselves, or you don't get to go on that special ride at all.  Bummer!  For those of you who would like to be forearmed about the ride restrictions at Orlando amusement parks, I present a list of ride restrictions.

Ride height restrictions are for the safety of your family. For a safe vacation, you need to follow these guidelines. Don't stretch these limits. I wouldn't let a child of mine ride unless he was say 35 ½ on a ride with a 35 inch limit. Remember, this is something your child can always do later on. On average, we are born about 20 inches long. Children grow rapidly in their early years, then seem to stall out for awhile. A two ½ year old will be about ½ of his adult height. So, if you expect your child to be 5ft 6 inches tall, at 2 ½ he will measure about 39 inches. This should give you some idea how old your children have to be to ride. You want to find a park that all your family can enjoy.

Disney tends to have lots of low level rides for all ages. Universal is more into roller coasters and scarier theme park rides; this is acceptable for older school age children. Many of the new Harry Potter rides have height limits of over 48 inches. This is a great park for school age children. Orlando Sea World is another combination park. They have some adult rides for older children, but plenty to do for younger ones. In addition, they have Shamu and the whales.

I recommend telling your children that they have to meet TWO height levels. They have to meet yours, and they have to meet the one at the ride, which sometimes uses special inches. This will help your child not to be disappointed if he doesn't quite meet the ride guidelines. Below is a list broken down by parks and heights.

Disney Parks in Orlando

Barnstomer – 35 inches tall

Stitch's Great Escape – 38 inches tall

Kali's River Rapids – 38 inches tall

Star Tours – 40 inches tall

Soarin' – 40 inches tall

Dinosaur – 40 inches tall

Test Track – 40 inches tall

Big Thunder Railroad – 40 inches tall

Splash Mountain – 40 inches tall

Twilight of Terror – 40 inches tall

Space Mountain – 44 inches tall

Mission Space – 44 inches tall

Expedition Everest – 44 inches tall

Primevil Whirl – 48 inches tall

Rock N Roller Coaster – 48 inches tall

Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket – 51 inches tall and not taller than 79 inches

Tomorrowland Speedway – 52 inches to drive, 34 inches to ride

Universal Park in Orlando

ET Adventure – 34 inches tall

High in the Sky Seuss Trolly Ride – 34 inches tall

Flight of the Hippogriff – 36 inches tall

Pteranadon Fliers – 36 inches tall

Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster – 36 inches tall

Simpson's Ride - 40 inches tall

Jimmy Neutron's Blast - 40 inches tall

Amazing Adventures of Spiderman – 40 inches tall

Men In Black Attack – 42 inches tall

Jaurassic Park Adventure – 42 inches tall

Popeye and Bluto's Bilge Barges – 42 inches tall

Dudley Do-Rights Ripsaw Falls – 42 inches tall

Harry Potter's Forbidden Journey – 48 inches tall

Revenge of the Mummy – 48 inches tall

Doctor Doom's Freefall – 52 inches tall

Dragon Challenge – 54 inches tall

Incredible Hulk – 54 inches tall

Dueling Dragons – 54 inches tall

Sea World Orlando

Shamu Express Roller coaster – 38 inches tall

Polar Express Ride – 42 inches tall

Journey to Atlantis – 42 inches tall

Flying Fiddler – 42 inches tall

Ocean Commotion – 42 inches tall

Swishy Fishes – 42 inches tall

Jazzy Jellies – 42 inches tall

Sea Carousel – 42 inches tall

Sky Tower – 48 inches tall

Kraken – 54 inches tall

Manta – 54 inches tall

Use these ride height restrictions to plan your visit and have an enjoyable time for all. Don't forget to put some adult time in your visit. Adults need down time too.


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