Northern Pacific Construction Inc. (Pro Classic Painting)

Be wary of a company called Northern Pacific Construction Inc. License numbers 164947 (Active) and 159688 (Voluntarily surrendered). The company I was told he runs is called Pro Classic Painting.

I worked for a construction company. The contractor’s name is Ryan Morris and he claimed that it was legal for him to pay someone up to $600 without reporting it by law. He seems to be very knowledgeable in his field and takes pride in his work ethics as far as I can tell, however his business ethics are a separate issue. I worked under 30 hours for him sanding rails at a Tigard apartment location off of Capital Highway. We were supposed to get together Friday the 5th or Saturday the 6th for me to get my paycheck. He has not called me to schedule a time or place and has failed to respond to several messages I have left on his voicemail in regards to my paycheck.

This is one of those reasons I do not like working off the records and made it a point to tell him that from the get-go. I have kept and accurate log of my work hours for the week that he owes me for. I would recommend not working for anyone under the table as this happens all too often and it is my word against his when it comes to under the table work but I do have witnesses that I was working and I am sure that they would be wise enough not to lie for Ryan Morris. Be wary of a company called Northern Pacific Construction Inc. License numbers 164947 (Active) and 159688 (Voluntarily surrendered). The company I was told he runs is called Pro Classic Painting. Bring contractors such as Ryan Morris to justice. Make them pay their employees by forcing them to place all workers on payroll.

How ironic that after I leave a massage on his phone warning him that I will report him to the CCB if he doesn’t pay me he finally returned my call. He was angry with me which I expected. He asked me if I threaten all the contractors I work for. I told him no but after not hearing back from someone that claimed they were going to meet up with me Friday or Saturday to pay me and having worked for contractors that did not pay me in the past that had acted the same way I felt I had the right. He replied that he could legally hold my pay for 30 days and there is nothing I can do about it. Who is threatening who now?

He told me after my last message he wasn’t going to ask me back to work and that was when I told him that I wasn’t going to come back due to his unprofessionalism. I told him that he was unprofessional with the way he portrayed himself. Telling an employee something and then completely blowing them off without a phone call is unprofessional. Warning him that I will report him to the CCB, that is a different issue from him threatening to withhold my paycheck. He now wants me to fill out a W4 for tax purposes which I have no problem with. It gives me something to file at the end of the year.

All that I have to say is if you act like you are going to withhold my pay and I am kind enough to warn you that I will report you before actually reporting you, then shouldn’t I be respected for that? Realistically I was in the right. The response I received was unprofessional and rather immature. If you are a current employee of this contractor then I would be wary of his poor business ethics. Apparently standing up for yourself gets you in trouble with him and he attempts to quote laws and his rights of what he can do.

Ryan Morris is very knowledgeable and knows how to get around the laws as well as work them into his favor. I would never work for him again and I would not refer his company to anyone to use as a contractor either. The man speaks down to anyone he feels is a lesser to him in knowledge and skill and belittles them. It pains me to have to write such an article about a contractor who I feel has potential to achieve greatness but apparently he has achieved this greatness by trying to use authority as the boss to strike fear in me. That doesn’t work. Sorry about your luck Ryan. I am following protocol and sending you a pre-complaint letter via certified mail and then filing my formal complaint. I hope you don’t start losing your accounts because of your unprofessionalism.

On Monday November 8th I met with Ryan to fill out a W4 for tax purposes as he requested. When I arrived he was sitting in his truck on the phone and approached me at the doors of Miller Paint on Molalla Avenue in Oregon City. He handed me a pen and W4 and I took it as I said, “Sorry you were offended by what I said but I have been burned before and when you didn’t call me when you told me you would I grew a little concerned.” He replied, “If I wanted to screw you over I could and there would be no way for you to prove anything.” I kept my mouth shut at that point not wanting to stoop to his level. After I filled out the form and handed it over he told me he would call me on the following day after he calls in everything to payroll.

I called him on Tuesday November 9th and left him a message asking him if we were meeting up. He called me back and told me, “I put your check under the trash can at Miller Paint.” I was kind of shocked and unsure how to respond so I simply said, “Thank you,” and we both hung up. I hurried out the door of my house as one it was raining, two it was dark, and three, I had no idea if someone was going to find my check and steal it. Needless to say I finally got paid. The man is very unprofessional if you cross him or point out anything he doesn’t want to hear. As someone who has subcontracted out work to contractors before, I would not “ever” use him.

Article by Kevin C. Davison

“I write to entertain, and for a cause.”


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