Most Romantic Dinner Spots in Minneapolis

The most romantic restaurants in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis, Minnesota is home to several romantic restaurants that set the perfect mood for an intimate and delicious night out as a couple. The most romantic restaurants in Minneapolis combine the best of cuisine, atmosphere at service standards to provide guests with an unforgettable date night experience.

Vincent - A Restaurant

1100 Nicollet Mall

Minneapolis, MN 55403

(612) 630-1189

Nothing says romance better than French cuisine with a modern twist. The light, airy and elegant décor at Vincent in Minneapolis is a great choice for an upscale and romantic dinner. At Vincent there are three seating options that all offer a unique perspective and experience. Starting outside, diners can choose to relax outdoors on the patio next to Vincent’s signature purple edifice. The wrought iron furniture and delicate plant accents set a simple ambience that takes advantage of Minneapolis’ vibrancy. Inside Vincent, guests will find the lounge and formal dining rooms. The aptly named lounge is cozy, intimate and similar to the dimly lit bistros and bars of Paris. The dining room proper is the most impressive of the seating options, allowing plenty of natural light into the space via two large walls of windows. Simple, warm and sophisticated décor elevates the feel of the space while the incredible menus drive home the true beauty of Vincent.

The best menu to order from while enjoying a romantic meal at Vincent in Minneapolis is the dinner tasting menu. In place of choosing a single entrée for you and your date, try the amuse bouche selections and taste a wide variety of expertly prepared items. Tantalizing scallops, beef and sea bass make the tasting menu a luxurious experience.

Overall, Vincent is an expensive but worthwhile contemporary French/American fusion restaurant that is a great Minneapolis romance destination.

Manny's Steakhouse

825 Marquette Ave

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402

(612) 339-9900

A romantic dinner at Manny’s Steakhouse in Minneapolis is full of great food, lively atmosphere and incredibly deft service. Considered by most to fall under the paradoxical genre of “upscale casual,” you and your date can relax, not worry about a dress code and really revel in the unbeatable steakhouse cuisine. Manny’s seeks to create an atmosphere where their guests can enjoy top of the line food in a place where licking the sauce from your fingertips is not only allowed, it’s encouraged.

The design aesthetic at Manny’s is warm, intimate and masculine. Cowhide panels adorn the walls and rich tones of red, brown and cream help set the romantic stage. The dining room is simple so that the over the top, outlandish and sometimes intimidating plating techniques can be showcased. When seated in Manny’s, enjoying a glass of wine before the main courses arrive, it is very evident that this high end steakhouse believes that the food is the most important décor at a restaurant.

The entrees at Manny’s are unlike anything you’ve ever eaten at a steakhouse in the past. The best part of ordering items from the dinner menu at Manny’s is the distinct lack of written explanations. The server’s are incredibly knowledgeable about the items they serve and a simple listed menu shows guests that they should trust the chef. The portions at Manny’s are staggering at times and guests are encouraged to share and share alike. Some side dishes are recommended for four to six people, so be sure to inquire about the size of the dishes you and your lovely date are ordering.

Manny’s is a great romantic Minneapolis hot spot, especially for group dates with more than four people. Upscale casual is the current hot trend in high end dining and your date will surely appreciate being able to actually relax while enjoying perfectly prepared, upscale cuisine.

Whether you are looking for an elegant and classic atmosphere or something a bit more laid back, the most romantic restaurants in Minneapolis, Minnesota share a commonality of amazing food prepared by culinary geniuses.


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