Lucky Taco

The Lucky Taco located on 6204 W North Avenue is the latest restaurant to open on Chicago's west side, they specialize in what else but Mexican dishes and some of your favorites such as wings, beefs and burgers. This review rates the overall service, qual

In the world of fast food, there are numerous restaurants that claim to be the best in their area of service , but with the newest Mexican restaurant on Chicago’s west side “Lucky Taco” it once again proves that it's only exactly what they can be known for.

The Tacos are great testing, better than the Doritos taco from taco bell, but everything else falls a little below the tasting factor. Other foods that they serve such as the chicken wings and beefs are a bit bland. The fact of which that they cater in an urban area where you have to cook with a specific level of seasoning, which most will argue needs a little more for satisfactory. The food is exceptional when it comes to the prices, the prices fits the budget of those who are looking to get a quick dinner or for kids to get something to celebrate the end of a school day, for that, two thumbs up.

This is the fourth restaurant that has come to the location in the past three years, and those before them has failed to reach a full year of being in business. On some occasions, very few people choose to eat at the establishment because it is a new name to a familiar location. If there was a star rating that can be provided for the overall service, selections and quality, it will be two and a half out of four stars, for which the half star to be earn is to improve on their seasoning and recipes for the rest of their products, but for the Mexican food they can keep things the way that they are.

Although the new business is fairly new, there is still potential to grow and make it past the cursive one year limited opening. People who will go there will most likely enjoy the decor and feel comfortable unlike most places that wants you in and out, you can feel at home. There are limited spots around the area but a nice demand for something different besides the usual burgers and fries. As long as they keep that in mind and continue to bring new and exciting dishes to the local restaurant, this can be one that will get noticed by bigger names and more locals. Be sure to visit the new “Lucky Taco” and feel free to comment below and let us know your thoughts whether you agreee in it's success or disagree.


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