Las Vegas Fun Guide

What happens in Vegas stays in your memories forever

If you live by the rule that what happens in Vegas, stays there as a very successful promotion campaign promised, then a visit to Sin City is in order. There’s no question of what to do in Las Vegas, the real question is where to start. Once you know where to start, the next item is an exit strategy. That’s right, Vegas is a place of decadence, abundance, and a roller coaster ride of highs and lows, where letting it ride can put you in the penthouse or the poorhouse. That’s the beauty of it, which is why millions of people each year visit the Strip to drop thousands of dollars in the hopes of making millions. So while moderation may not be on the menu in Las Vegas, just remember, the House always wins, so it’s better to walk away with a little something than leave with a whole lot of nothing.

Gambling. What else is Las Vegas known for? Showgirls, and nightclubs, and now home to the UCF, MMA fighting which is the fastest growing sport in the world. But it all starts on the strip, and which casino deserves a crack at your wallet. Running up one side of the famous Las Vegas strip and down the other, visitors have their pick of themed gambling entertainment, each with a unique flavor in the décor and atmosphere. Movie lovers can hit the MGM GRAND, cross over to NEW YORK NEW YORK, or EXCALIBUR, and move up the street to the Egyptian themed LUXOR. Drive to the other end of the strip for the STRATOSPHERE with the best view in Vegas, and a rooftop roller coaster that will steal your stomach as fast as the roulette wheel spins away your payday. Tucked in between is the NEW ORLEANS casino, Ceaser’s Palace, and Mandalay Bay.

The Shows in Vegas include headline comedy acts such as the comedian Carrot Top, or famous magicians, or singers like Cher, or Celine Dion’s recently closed show. If real stars are too much or sold out, Vegas is home to impersonators, even hosting an Elvis Convention, with more Kings of Rock and Roll per square foot than any other city in the world. Cirque de Soleil puts on an incredible water adventure performance, and the White Tiger’s at Ceasar’s showcased the beautiful creatures in a natural habitat. Don’t forget to catch the pirate’s show outside of Treasure Island to watch a sea ship battle, or the amazing and hypnotic water fountain show outside of the Bellagio.

The Strip also hosts the M&M museum, a pantheon to the candy that melts in your mouth, but not in your hand, and a number of helicopter excursions over Lake Mead or the Grand Canyon. There are always smaller shows in smaller venues with tickets almost free or for extreme discounts for the budget minded traveler. Of course, if saving money is top of the list, Vegas may not be your first choice. Sure, you can get nickel slots and watered down free drinks for playing them, but what’s the point? Vegas is for living it up, so the best advice is to only take money you can afford to lose.

Plan for dancing late into the night at the Body English at the Hard Rock just off the strip or Tao or Lavo nightclubs. Remember to dress to impress, and be prepared to boogie. Every casino has a danceclub, so pick the vibe that feels right for your mood, and you can try a different one each night.

There’s too much to do in Vegas in a short trip, so plan the junket accordingly. Many visitors to Vegas make it every quarter or every year just to try all of the new and exciting ways to have fun. From gambling, to dancing, to cutting edge live entertainment, and we didn’t even mention any of the hundreds of chapels for those last minute drive through weddings, Vegas has a little something for everyone. And though Sin City tried to sell itself as a family destination for a short period of time, unless you’re planning a visit to Circus Circus and letting the kids roam free range in the playland while Mommy and Daddy visit the slot machines, keep the kiddies at home.



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