Job Resources in Milwaukee Wisconsin

How to locate available jobs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

It is truly unfortunate that unemployment in Milwaukee has reached the highest rate since the 1980's.  However, despite the statistics, companies are indeed hiring within the city, as well as neighboring communities.  The key to obtaining employment begins with knowing exactly where to look for opening positions.

Of course, the Internet is the most worthy tool in a job search.  There are several accredible websites to post your resume and view immediate openings according to category:,,, and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel online.  You can easily download your resume, search for part-time or full-time, join a job search agent and indicate salary range.  It also helps to research specific companies of interest.  Many times they will have a link to current openings that are not posted on general job search websites.  Most major television channels, including Ch58, Ch6, Ch4 and Ch13 have links to job openings on their website.

Milwaukee also prints several small employment papers that indicate job openings by category.  You can find these at local supermarkets, bookstores, coffee shops or drug stores.  Shepard Express and Employment Times are solid resources.  Always be weary of any advertisement that does not indicate a company, specific job title, money down or location.  There are everpresent scammers out there looking to take your money.

Universities and major corporations engage in free major employment fairs throughout the year for the opportunity to speak with several representatives and submit your resume in one day.  It increases the chance to promote yourself on a larger scale and work on interview skills.

Networking is a major resource in locating job openings.  Contact friends, family, past co-workers.  Any link to the workforce is a positive move.

Temporary agencies are also a growing market for employment.  Manpower and Stivers Staffing are announcing the need for employment.  They have dozens of opportunites in various industries, including administrative, technical and service.  Contracts range from a few days to several months.  Not to mention that many temporary positions can lead to permanent employment. 

Despite the job loss in our city, there are still hundreds of job openings available.   One must simply know where to look and how to market his/her talents.


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