Huge Crowds Line Up for Early Elections

Residents throughout the Austin neighborhood come out to partake in early voting. The line for voting stretched around the block as residents were eager to vote for their next president of the United States and they were not ashamed to admit that they wer

By Jeramie L Bizzle

Chicago, IL- the heat is on as the race for president is now underway as hundreds of residents throughout the city stood in line to vote early for the next president on the United States. For the few weeks, people have took to social media sites including Twitter and Facebook to express their reactions  to the debates between President Obama and Governor Romney, there were mixed reactions when the two went back and forth.  Apparently it showed as the line grew as long as a block as residents was not ashamed to admit that they were ready to give Obama another four years.

One resident, who choose to remain anonymous, said that this is an important election for him because he wants to continue to see progress in his community. “Since he been in, they been fixing the streets, there are more jobs for people out here, and I personally feel that Romney will put us back in a Bush state”, says the local.

As argued about among sites for the past couple of weeks, the economy has gotten better during the e Obama administration while as others feel that he did not do much as President to help the economy. What people fail to realize that when the president wants to do something, it first have to pass through congress, if it does not get enough votes for what the president is proposing, it’s not going to happen. When people celebrated for the first time when Obama got into office, they knew that a change was going to happen, but they did not realize that there is more to be done first before there will be more benefits for the citizens. Before people start assuming, they need to know how government works first before they question the actions of the president.

Celebrities are getting involved, including the shock that Stacy Dash openly admitted that she was going to vote for Romney, leading to a lot of twitter raves between her and Vivica A Fox. Although residents and celebrities are now beginning to vote for, the question of the matter is this more about politics or is this more about race? In this case, this may be about both as majority of urban society are rushing to the polls because they want to continue the progress and the face that they have a voice in Obama. Although the road maybe one of the most important, but even if Obama win, it will be up to the President following him to continue his progress. Michelle, think about it, hint hint.

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