How To Survive Parade Season In New York City

So you want to know how to survive parade season in the city that’s called New York? Well you’re in luck. You’re about to read a how-to article based on my personal experiences during these times. Let me first tell you that it wasn’t easy at first. There were a couple of choice words I wanted to say at the top of my lungs. But through it all, I’ve survived parade season and I know you will too.

I went to my first pride in New York City two months ago. It was the one in Manhattan. It was a wonderful thing that I was celebrating with groups of people that were proud to be who they were as human beings. It was also great to see millions of New Yorkers show their support for us in high numbers. I was on a float and dancing in the middle of the street. It was truly amazing.

However, there were two things that couldn’t escape my mind: a) Why is it so hot out here and b) Why the hell is this parade so long?

Walking in New York City was hard enough. So the fact that I had to walk, dance, and drink for two straight hours. It was not easy my friend. Then I’m finding out I have to attend another Pride parade that’s right around the corner. My body was already exhausted at that point. But through careful thinking and tons of liquid, I have found ways to survive parade season in New York City.

So if you want to know how to survive parade season in New York City, these tips are for you.

1. Get Those Legs In Shape

If you are anti-fitness, chances are you won’t survive parade season here in the big city. You will pass out on the first male like a rookie running marathon and he/she just got a leg cramped midway to #1. If you love parades and you want to be a part of here in the Big Apple, it’s time to get those legs in shape. Walk to work. Run up the subway stairs. Do whatever you have to do to get in shape. You’ll see great results when it’s time to march down those blocks.

2. Always Have A Beverage

This should be the obvious thing to do. Unless you want to dehydrate and suffer from tons of skin burns, I recommend you have a beverage. I was so lucky that I was next to a float that had lots of beverages stored inside of it. If I didn’t, I would’ve been dead halfway down towards the end of the parade. So always have a beverage on you during parade season.

3. Know When To Get In And Out

Research and knowledge of the city is going to be your best chance when it comes to navigating around parade season. I got lost a few times during my first parade because I didn’t know which street around me allowed me to cross. So research the city and know the ins and outs during parade season. If you don’t, you’re lost.

Parade season truly is something in New York City. I hope these tips help.


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