How Often Does the Sun Shine in Phoenix?

The average annual sunshine level in Phoenix, Arizona, and how the city compares to other cities in the United States.

The average annual sunshine level in the city of Phoenix, Arizona is 85%. That means, on average, the sun is shining 85% of the time in Phoenix on a yearly basis. The rest of the time clouds block the sun.

Phoenix is one of the sunniest cities in the United States, and in the world. In fact, only two cities in the United States have higher annual average sunshine levels than Phoenix does. We'll get to those cities in a minute.

Sunshine levels do vary in Phoenix, depending upon the season, though not to any great degree. The sunniest month of the year in Phoenix is June, when it is sunny 94% of the time, followed closely by May at 93%. The next sunniest months are April and September, which both receive 89% sunshine levels. October averages 88% sunshine, while both July and August average 85%.

The least sunniest month of the year in Phoenix, Arizona is December at 77%, followed closely by January at 78%. February averages 80% sunshine levels, while November is at 83% and March is at 84%. The vast majority of cities in the United States do not average 77% sunshine, the lowest monthly average in Phoenix, in any month of the year.

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How the Sunshine Level in Phoenix Compares to Other Cities in Arizona

As you can see below, Phoenix is not the sunniest city in the state of Arizona. That distinction belongs to Yuma, Arizona, which is the sunniest city in the entire world.

Yuma - 90%

Tucson - 85%

Flagstaff - 78%

El Paso - 84%

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Other Cities in the United States with 85% Annual Sunshine Levels or Above

All the following cities also average 85% or above annual sunshine. That does not mean any of these cities have the same climate as Phoenix, just that they average the same amount, or more, of annual sunshine.

Yuma, Arizona - 90%

Redding, California - 88%

Las Vegas, Nevada - 85%

Tucson, Arizona - 85%

Overall, Phoenix ranks as one of the sunniest cities in the United States, and the world, in terms of annual average sunshine. The city with lowest annual average sunshine level in the United States is Juneau, Alaska at 30%.

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