How Often Does the Sun Shine in Orlando?

The average annual sunshine level in the resort city of Orlando, Florida.

The average annual sunshine level in Orlando, Florida is 70%. That means the sun is shinning 70% of the time it could possibly be shining in Orlando on a yearly basis. The rest of the time, during daylight hours, clouds cover the city and block the sun.

Orlando is one of the biggest tourist cities in the world, with Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort and SeaWorld Orlando helping to attract roughly 50 million visitors per year. Another major attraction in Orlando is the plentiful sunshine available on a year-round basis. There is not too much variation in the monthly sunshine levels.

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May is the sunniest month in Orlando, followed by April and June. Then February and March, along with July through November. The two least sunniest months in Orlando are January and December. But overall, there is not too much variation and visitors to Orlando can expect plentiful sunshine in every month of the year.

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How Does the Annual Sunshine Level in Orlando Compare to Other Cities in Florida?

Orlando is not the sunniest city in the state of Florida, but it is above average compared to other Florida cities. In general, all the cities in Florida offer abundant annual average sunshine levels.

Key West - 76%

Miami - 70%

Apalachicola - 66%

Tampa - 66%

Jacksonville - 63%

Pensacola - 60%

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Other Cities in the United States Around 70% Annual Sunshine Levels

All of the following cities have the same 70% annual average sunshine levels that Orlando, Florida has. That does not mean these cities have the same climates as Orlando, just that they all receive around the same amounts of annual average sunshine.

Abilene, Texas

Dodge City, Kansas

Milford, Utah

Wake Island, Pacific Ocean

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