How Often Does the Sun Shine in Los Angeles?

The average annual sunshine level in Los Angeles, including the sunniest and least sunniest months, and how LA compares to other cities in California and the United States.

The average annual sunshine level in the city of Los Angeles, California is 73%. That means, on average, the sun is shining 73% of the possible time it could be shining in Los Angeles on a yearly basis. The rest of the time clouds block the sun.

Sunshine levels do vary in Los Angeles, depending upon the months and seasons of the year. The sunniest month of the year in Los Angeles is August, when it is sunny 83% of the time, followed closely by July at 82%. The next sunniest month is September at 79%, followed by November at 74% and then March and November which both receive 73% sunshine levels.

The least sunniest month of the year in Los Angeles is June, which averages 65% sunshine, followed closely by May which averages 66% sunshine. The next least sunniest month in LA is January at 69%, followed by April at 70%, December at 71% and February at 72%.

Looking at the monthly sunshine levels in Los Angeles, one can see that the city receives the most sunshine on a yearly basis from July through November. I've been to LA many times, and I've learned over the years if I'm going to LA for a vacation the best time of the year to go is late summer into fall when the city usually has just beautiful weather.

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How the Sunshine Level in Los Angeles Compares to Other Cities in California

As you can see below, LA is not the sunniest city in California, but it far from the least sunniest. Los Angeles is the sunniest city of the big three cities in California, as it receives considerably more annual sunshine than either San Diego or San Francisco does.

Redding - 88%

Fresno - 79%

Sacramento - 78%

San Diego - 68%

San Francisco - 66%

Eureka - 51%

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Other Cities in the United States with Around 73% Annual Sunshine Levels

All the following cities also average around 73% annual sunshine. That does not mean any of the cities have the same climate as Los Angeles, just that they average around the same amount of annual sunshine.

Albuquerque, New Mexico - 76%

Pueblo, Colorado - 76%

Key West - 76%

Roswell, New Mexico - 74%

Amarillo, Texas - 73%

Ely, Nevada - 73%

Lake Charles, Louisiana - 72%

Honolulu, Hawaii - 71%

Miami, Florida - 70%

Overall, Los Angeles ranks as one of the sunniest cities in the United States. There are only about a 15 cities in the United States that receive more annual sunshine. Yuma, Arizona is the sunniest city in the United States, and the world, at 90%. The city with lowest annual average sunshine level in the United States is Juneau, Alaska at 30%.

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