Historic Attractions in Minnesota

Some great local historic attraction located in Minnesota.

if you are planning a visit to Minnesota, the historic places listed will give you an opportunity to soak up some local history and culture while you are visiting there.

The F. Scott Fitzgerald House, known as also as Summit Terrace. The house became listed in the National Registry of Historic places in 1971 and was constructed in 1889. Built in the Victorian Architecture design, this house is a beauty to see, it was home  F. Scott Fitzgerald, author to some of America's most classic novels.  This Side of Paradise which was a huge success. The novels The Beautiful and Damned and The Great Gatsby soon followed.  599 Summit Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota.

The Frank B. Kellogg House located in St. Paul Minnesota.  The house became listed as a historic place in 1976. Kellogg was a lawyer, a U.S. Senator and a diplomat, he also served as Secretary of State from 1925-1929. He was known for his negotiation in the Kellogg-Briand Pact (1928), and received the Nobel Peace Prize for it. He died at his home in 1937. 633 Fairmount Ave. St. Paul, Minnesota.

The Mountain Iron Mine. This site became listed in the Historic Registry in 1969 and were discovered in 1890. The Mountain Iron Mine's first shipment of iron ore occurred in 1892 and the mine's production led to the realization that the Mesabi Range possessed the world's largest deposits of iron ore, this, making Minnesota the nation's premier supplier of the resource.   Mountain Iron, Minnesota

The Alexander Ramsey House. The house was added to the National Registry of Historic Places on November 25, 1969.  Located in St. Paul Minnesota, it was home to Governor Alexander Ramsey. The Ramsey house is known to be one of the nation's best kept and best preserved beautiful Victorian homes. The home still houses over 14,000 of the Ramsey's original furnishings.  265 S. Exchange St. St. Paul, Minnesota.

Sibley House Historic Site. Located in Mendota, Minnesota and added to the Registry in 1969, this site sits right where the Minnesota and Mississippi rivers meet. The Sibley House was home to Henry H. Sibley from 1835 to 1862, the states fur trader, Sibley was also a member of the constitutional convention, delegate to Congress, civic leader, and military leader during the US- Dakota Conflict of 1862, and first governor of the state of Minnesota.

The James J. Hill House located in St. Paul Minnesota. The house was built in 1891 and was constructed by a railroad magnate named James J. Hill who was also named as one of the major entrepreneurs in the early history of Minnesota. The house was built at a cost of $931,000. The house has 42 rooms all include a sky lit art gallery, a pipe organ, 22 fireplaces, and 13 bathrooms. With 36,000 square feet (3,344 square meters) of living area, the house is the largest residence in state of Minnesota.  1357 Sibley Memorial Hwy. Mendota, Minnesota.

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