Helpful Employment Resources in London Ontario

Unemployment has dropped to approximately 8.3% at the start of 2010. Now is a good time to find a job.

The quest for searching for a job can be long and arduous, not to mention a little bit depressing. With the economy still in a slump, finding a position anywhere, even in fast food, can be challenging. Don’t be deterred, however, as Statistics Canada claims that part-time employment has risen by 43 000 at the start of January in 2010, bringing unemployment down to 8.3%. 2010 is looking hopeful, and it is a good time to start looking for a fresh start.

Here are some employment resources to get you started on your job search in London, Ontario:

1) Workopolis – Workopolis is a website dedicated to job seekers and employers. Job seekers can post their resumés on the site (for free) for prospective employers to review. Job listings are also available for the job seeker’s perusal. The down side to Workopolis is that the majority of job postings require particular certifications and a specific skill set.

2) Jobbank – Jobbank is a government owned website that allows anyone to browse the job postings available in the listed cities. While you can’t post your resumé on this website, you can easily break down your search to find a job that is applicable to you. Jobbank offers a variety of employment posts, including some jobs that don’t require special certification.

3) London Free Press – The London Free Press is the official city newspaper for London, Ontario. Every day there are employment opportunities posted in the classified section; however, Saturday is the best day to look for a job in the newspaper, as there will be more than twice the number of listings and more legitimate opportunities. Beware of illegal activities and scams listed in the employment section, and always be sure to verify that the company is legitimate.

4) School Resources – If you are a student or recent graduate of either Fanshawe College or Western University, you will be able to access the job postings online through the school websites. For assistance with this contact the respective career center.

5) London Employment Help Center – The center is dedicated to helping London citizens find jobs by providing resumé touch-up assistance, local job postings, and ongoing assistance as needed.

There are many more job websites on the internet to assist in searching for jobs. It is important to keep in mind that not every website/business is legitimate, so it is crucial to do some research on every company before applying for a position. Also ensure that your resumé and cover letter are up-to-date, or you might miss out on a fantastic employment opportunity.


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