Great Nashville, Tennessee Coffee Shops

The coffee houses in Nashville, Tennessee are great for casual outdoor dining and the best in specialty coffee drinks.

Nashville, Tennessee is a city of industry, art and music that has some of the best local musicians in the world of country music. The coffee houses that cater to Nashville natives and tourists capitalize on this cultural atmosphere. The extended warm weather makes outdoor coffee sipping and people watching an almost year long past time and the constant flow on live music adds extra entertainment. These hip, welcoming and comfortable coffee houses are a fantastic way to spend an afternoon in Music City, Nashville, Tennessee.

Frothy Monkey Coffee House

2509 12th Avenue South

Nashville, TN 37204

(615) 292-1808

A gourmet café cleverly disguised as a humble neighborhood coffee house, the Frothy Monkey Coffee House is a somewhat hidden gem loved by local Nashville coffee lovers. The coffee house is located in what, from the outside, looks like a well kept residence with a great sign out front. Once inside, you’ll experience the professional service, thoughtful but understated menu and fantastic coffee drinks that have made the Frothy Monkey popular. The coffee and tea menu features items from all over the glove, Asia to Latin America and everything in between. Skilled baristas create artful steamed milk design on top of your favorite latte or cappuccino. This is one Nashville coffee house that can make any visitor feel at home, welcome and well caffeinated.


15 Hermitage Avenue

Nashville, TN 37210

(615) 255-8311

A coffee house with boutique sensibilities, Crema is on the forefront of fashionable coffee service. Located in the up and coming and historic district of Nashville known as Rutledge Hill, Crema strives to be a beacon of the cultural scene beginning to develop in their area. Not only does Crema want to serve you an impeccably crafted latte, drip coffee or cappuccino, they want to educate you on how that coffee goes from bean to delicious hot beverage. For a unique and delicious coffee drink at Crema, you should order a cup of baccernna mocha, a chocolate mocha and blackberry combination that will knock your socks off.

Sky Blue Café

700 Fatherland Street

Nashville, TN 37206

(615) 770-7097

Industrial but welcoming, East Nashville is the perfect home for the Sky Blue Café. If you’re looking for a coffee house to sit, relax and enjoy an approachable coffee and sandwich, Sky Blue Café is the place for you. On a hot summer day, a vanilla frappe served at one of the outdoor café tables is the best thing on the menu. For coffee lovers who enjoy a sweet treat with their coffee, an order of peanut butter and jelly stuffed French toast pancakes will fill you up and satisfy your sweet tooth.

All across Nashville coffee houses and cafes like Sky Blue, Crema and Frothy Monkey set the stage for wonderful outdoor dining and the best in specialty coffees.


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