Dim Sum Restaurants in Dallas, Texas

This article provides information about the best restaurants in Dallas, Texas that serve Chinese food. The restaurants mentioned in the article specialize in offering Dim sum.

If you haven’t heard of Dim sum, then for your knowledge it is a type of Chinese food, that is prepared in small bite-sized chop, or it is prepared it can be individual portions of any food, that by tradition are served in small plates or steamer baskets. In addition to the food, Dim sum is also known for the way it is served in most of the hotels and restaurants. In several hotels it is served in a unique manner, where the dishes of dim sum are catered around in the restaurant, and the customer can order any of the food by sitting on their tables. In Cantonese, Dim sum means going to ‘drink tea’ which is served with Dim sum by tradition.

The lines below give the major restaurants that serve Dim sum in Dallas, Texas.

1. The Mansion Restaurant:

Location: 2821 Turtle Creek Blvd, Dallas, TX 75219

Contact Info: (214)443-4747

The restaurant is one of the most renowned restaurants of Dallas, and has been in business for more than 30 years. As the name of the restaurant refers, the restaurant is a beautiful mansion, and offers the guests with a classical touch in their dining experience. Dim sum is one of the specialty of the restaurant. The head Chef Davaillon believes in providing the guests with a fun experience, and gives the foods a flavor of fresh ingredients. The menus of the restaurant change on daily basis.

2. Kirin Court Restaurant:

Location: 221 W.Polk Street#200

                   Richardson, Texas 75081

Contact Info: (214)575-8888

Kirin Court restaurant ranks among the top 10 restaurant of Dallas that are known for weekend brunch settings. The restaurant is famous for its Chinese food, especially Dim sum. The restaurant is regarded one of the finest Chinese food servers in the city. More than 100plus items supplement the regular Dim sum and weekend lunch foods. The restaurant besides being famous for its delicious Dim sum, is also known for the way Dim sum is presented in front of the guests, where a trolley of Dim sum, dishes passes by every guest, offering them a sample.

3. Maxim’s Chinese Restaurant:

Location: 310 Terrace Dr. Richardson, Dallas TX 75081

Contact Info: (972)231-6371

Maxim’s is one of the best Chinese food providers in Richardson, Texas. You along with your family and friends can visit the restaurant any time in weekday lunch and brunch timings to enjoy the delicious over 60 dim sum dishes. The restaurant is a traditional Chinese restaurant, which offers a huge variety of Chinese foods, served in succession. At any time of the day a guest can enjoy dim sum with tea in the restaurant. The guest do not need to place orders for dim sum dishes, rather the dishes come in front of them in carts, and they can select the dish of their desire. The price of dim sum varies from dish to dish in the cart.


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