Best Sushi Restaurants in Miami, Florida

The best sushi restaurants in Miami, Florida are profiled.

Miami, Florida is home to some of the most unique, trendy and fashionable restaurants in the country. The hip and authentic sushi restaurants that make their home in this seaside party hot spot are no exception. For the best sushi in Miami, dine at one of the city’s most popular Japanese and sushi destinations.


900 South Miami Avenue

Miami, FL 33130-3051

(305) 347-3700

For a new take on sushi, Abokado is the perfect place to go. Traditional Japanese sushi is infused with the flavors of authentic Latin American cuisine to create one of the best one of a kind sushi experiences in Miami, Florida. Sushi is elevated to a true art form at Abokado, with a serene focus leant to each menu item’s presentation, taste and texture. The atmosphere in the dining room is light, airy and tranquil, allowing guests to relax and enjoy the artisanship of the offerings. For sushi lovers looking for something a little different and adventurous, Abokado is the place to be.

Sushi Samba Dromo

600 Lincoln Road

Miami Beach, FL 33139-2916

(305) 673-5337

The Sushi Samba Miami location, named Dromo, is a funky and fashionable sushi restaurant that fits in perfectly with Miami’s vibrant atmosphere. The dining room at Sushi Samba Dromo is alive with bold, warm reds, yellows and oranges. The menu is large, drawing from the variety of the party and private dining catering the restaurant also specializes in. The unique rolls only available at Sushi Samba Dromo, like the green envy roll, are inspired and prepared with expert precision. Dromo is a great option for a romantic night out, fun event with friends and even family friendly dining.

Sushi Maki

5812 Sunset Drive

South Miami, FL 33143-5220

(305) 667-7677

Sushi Maki is a Miami mainstay and the several locations spread across Miami, including inside the Miami International Airport, are popular among tourists and locals alike. The ingredients are always fresh and high quality, allowing the simple authentic sushi recipes to stand out. Sushi makes a great lunch on the go, and the lunch menu provided at Sushi Maki can make a fast lunch in Miami as beautiful as it is convenient. The sushi lunch special at Maki is ideal for someone newer to sushi and consists of a mix of California and nigiri rolls.

Cities by the ocean are known for having the freshest seafood and sushi. The most popular sushi restaurants in Miami live up to that expectation while fitting into the vibrant and raucous reputation the city is known for. From high end sushi staples like Sushi Samba to more relaxed environments like Sushi Maki, the ideal sushi restaurant in Miami will wow you.


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