Best Places To Eat In Port Deposit, Maryland

Visitors to the Port Deposit, Maryland area will want to be sure to check out the places where the local residents hang out.

Port Deposit, Maryland is a quaint walking town about 45 minutes from Baltimore. Boaters, history buffs and nature lovers enjoy coming to the Port Deposit area. The Port Deposit Marina Park has a very nice floating dock and there are waterfront restaurants where boaters can dock to enjoy a meal, as well. Hikers and nature lovers enjoy exploring the nearby Susquehanna loop trail. History buffs wander through the town on a self guided walking tour or visit the Paw Paw Museum to find out more about local history. Once lunchtime or dinner rolls around, though, they all head to some of the local eating spots. Here are some of the best places to eat in the Port Deposit, Maryland area:

Pizza Tower - This restaurant is not the top pizza place around, but that's okay. Locals know they're heading to Pizza Tower for the soup of the day, which has been known to make more than one person with flu-like symptoms vow that it was the only thing that got him or her through the illness. If chicken soup like mom used to make is not in the cards, then the fabulous Hawaiian fries that are the restaurant's second claim to fame should make any mega fries lover very happy.

Delorenzo's Pizza and Grill - Delorenzo's doesn't make the best pizza in Port Deposit. It makes the best pizza in Cecil County. People who won't leave Elkton, which is 20 minutes away, for anything else have been known to head to Delorenzo's for a good pizza. Other menu items that get people excited about this restaurant include the pepperoni sticks and the eggplant parmesan subs in homemade rolls.

Jumbo Jimmy's - Some visitors are hesitant to visit Jumbo Jimmy's because it doesn't look like an upscale restaurant. They don't understand what the locals learned pretty quickly. Behind that unassuming exterior lies greasy bliss. Burgers, wings and onion rings are all things that Jimmy's does quite well.

C. M. Tugs - Anyone craving Maryland crab soup makes a beeline for Tugs. The other things that Tugs does well? Burgers and Reubens. The sweet potato fries, which need to be ordered as a side, are also very popular. Service at Tugs is usually slow, but most people say the wait is well worth it.

Other restaurants in the area visitors may want to check out include Susky River Bar Grill, Backfin Blues, Joe's Grog House, Bainbridge Grille and the Union Hotel, which offers fine dining in a Colonial period setting.


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