Best Nice Dinner Spot That is Baby-friendly in Moreno Valley

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Best nice dinner spot that is baby-friendly in Moreno Valley CA. List of top restaurants in Moreno Valley which are kids friendly.
Gone are the days when kids were happy doing the things adults do. Kids today are different. They live in a totally different world from the grown ups. Their world is full of things that are meant exclusively for them. This is applicable to the food as well. The selection of the place for dinner for kids should be done keeping in view their interest. A five star elite hotel can be a perfect venue for a date but when out with family and kids it has to be a baby friendly place. To look for such a place can be tiring job, so we are here to the homework for you.

Check out some of the best nice dinner spot that is baby-friendly in Moreno Valley. Some eating joints and hotels offers children activities, specialized golf courses, spas, special arrangements for seniors above the age 60, and combo meals that will just turn your kids crazy.

Joe’s Italian Restaurant

22308 Alessandro Blvd

Moreno Valley, CA 92553

(951) 653-3093

Coupled with a friendly staff, this restaurant provides a variety in Italian menu, which is actually yum in an affordable price. The atmosphere is small providing intimate and family feeling. The food is good and the atmosphere quite baby friendly. This is not a very noisy place so the TV placed is audible and enjoyable for kids.

Hogg’s Gourmet Grill

12625 Frederick St

Moreno Valley, CA 92553

(951) 653-1353

It has a special menu for kids especially for different occasions like birthdays, New Year, etc. The prices are very affordable. The menu lists out some of the good varieties with special add-ons and offers that are in great demand throughout the year. The occasions have always something different to offer for kids and children of all ages.

In-N-Out Burger


Moreno Valley, CA 92557

This eating joint has something more different to offer like promotion of social causes, that is, prevention of child labor and child abuse. Special coupons are available that help to contribute some little from whatever food children buy. This contribution goes directly to those who need help to study, to live, to buy basic facilities like clothing and food for the needy ones.


22920 Centerpoint Drive

Moreno Valley, CA 92553

(951) 571-9370

Families can try this with their children and believe it or not, they’ll enjoy. This eatery has everything best to offer like contemporary cuisines, pizzas, pasta varieties, and hamburgers among the major offerings. You may either go in for affordable dinning options to suit you budget or get the yummy food delivered at your doorstep.

River Kwai Thai Cuisine

22920 Alessandro Blvd

Moreno Valley, CA 92553

(951) 656-3355

Are you a Thai lover? Then you are at the right place. Here you’ll get everything you had been looking for your friends, family, kids or large groups. You will experience everything from great tasting food, friendly environment for both families and kids, to good flavored food, and last but not the least great service by all.

This is not all, if you browse through the Internet, you’ll find even more good options for kids and children. You may find great deals at lowest prices, takeouts or home deliveries, and even traveler options on Moreno Valley restaurants.


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