Best Kid-friendly Upscale Restaurants in San Francisco, California

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Two of the best upscale, kid-friendly restaurants in San Francisco, California.

Dining out with children while traveling can be fun and relaxing when the right restaurant is chosen. Travelers have several upscale restaurant options in San Francisco that are also kid-friendly. The best kid-friendly restaurants will not only offer a kids' menu but also offer reservations and a centralized location that requires minimal travel with one or more small children. San Francisco is an eclectic city and the cuisine available at the best upscale kid-friendly restaurants reflect the diversity of the bustling coastal destination. 

Daily Grill

347 Geary Street San Francisco, California 94102 (415) 616-5000

An approachable menu, convenient location and welcoming atmosphere makes the Daily Grill in San Francisco, California a great kid-friendly dining spot for upscale travelers. Surrounded by the best shopping and theatric events in San Francisco, parents can make reservations at the Daily Grill that fit into a busy schedule. The Kid's Menu includes simple but nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner options that will keep young diners happy while the adults experience the impressive grown-up food that has helped make the Daily Grill a San Francisco favorite among locals and tourists alike. For more information or to make reservations call or visit the Daily Grill website

Bistro Boudin at the Wharf

160 Jefferson Street San Francisco, California 94133 (415) 351-5561

A luxurious coastal view and upscale adult and kid-friendly menu items have made Bistro Boudin at the Wharf a staple favorite for San Francisco diners. The ability to make reservations means that parents don't need to risk lengthy wait times while saddled with one or more hungry children in order to enjoy delicious high-end cuisine. The kids' menu at Bistro Boudin has a handful of options that appeal to the younger, picky palette of children. The atmosphere at this San Francisco hot spot is upscale but not too formal and has a whimsical maritime vibe that sets the stage for a relaxing and impressive family dinner. To make reservations or get more information call or visit the Bistro Boudin at the Wharf website.

The Daily Grill and Bistro Boudin at the Wharf represent two of the many kid-friendly and upscale restaurants that welcome diners in San Francisco, California. The key factors to finding the best kid-friendly restaurants for upscale diners are the ability to make reservations and an available kids' menu. Reservations allow parents to skip an extended wait time at popular dining destinations and a kids' menu allows parents to enjoy high-end cuisine without worrying their children won't enjoy their food. 

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