Best Kid Friendly Restaurants Near Seattle

Looking for the Best Places to take the whole family out to eat? Check out this short list of our favorite places to eat and have fun!

If you're looking for a nice place to take the kids out to eat, where you don't get the evil eye every few minutes because your kids can't be quiet, then you're in the right place! Having several children myself, and an extended family with their own kids, I know plenty of kid friendly restaurants in the Seattle area and I'm not afraid to share!

Red Robin's

Always the favorite, Red Robin's is a fast paced, always dancing and way-to-loud kind of place. They clap and sing for any special occasion, and their food is just as expressively loud. They're well equipped with various activities to occupy your older kids, and have no problem making accomodations at your table for extra kiddo's. Red Robin's is a great place to eat anytime, though they are especially noteworthy if you're looking for a great place to celebrate a birthday.

Suni's Pizza & Burgers

Located in sunny North City, Suni's Pizza is a great place to go on a lazy afternoon. They have both indoor and outdoor seating, and a delectable menu to browse. All their food is gourmet and made fresh in their kitchen for, as are their famous Malt Shakes! My favorite is the butterscotch or the pineapple, though of course they have plenty more than that for you to choose from. Suni's is moderate in price, though you get a LARGE value from whatever you order, and they have an eclectic menu for the adults to choose from as well, including greek salads and overloaded cheesy fries.


If you're looking for an affordable meal with the kids, Denny's is definitely a great choice. They're classic menu hasn't varied much since the first Denny's opened, and they still have some of the best breakfast choices you can find in Seattle. Most Denny's are not so loud you get over-loaded with sound, though they certainly don't mind chattering children, who love getting their favorite meal, a fancy drinking cup and a few tries on the claw machine.

Kathy's Pizza, Bar & Sports Grill

Located in the same north Seattle location that Mr. Bills previously presided (it's the same building), sits Kathy's, a nice little restaurant for kids during the day. They have tons of televisions, full of various sports to keep they're little eyes enchanted, and plenty of delicious food at reasonable prices. They're also very proud of their famous pizza which has won several Seattle awards. You won't be sorry you tried it!

Chuckie Cheese's

If you don't mind traveling a bit north outside of Seattle, the lynnwood chuckie cheese is always a winner with the youngsters. They have all sorts of toys to climb on, games to play and various other activities to keep them busy until they just don't have any energy left!

Spin Alley Bowling

Bowling, pizza, video games, contests, music, dancing and more. Spin Alley has it all, and it's a free-for-all that's fun for the whole family. And really, dinner doesn't have to be boring, so why not go bowling?


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