Best Coal-Fired Pizza in Minnesota

Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza offers a high-quality pizza and service at a great price.

Pizza places abound in the Twin Cities area, so where can you go to try something truly unique?  The answer is simple: Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza.  The first coal fired pizza joint in Minnesota, Black Sheep has long held a reputation for serving up amazing pizza.  With two locations, one in Minneaplis and one in St. Paul, hungry pizza lovers will not need to go far to find what is sure to be their new favorite place. 

What makes Black Sheep pizza so wonderful?  The quality of the food, of course, is a significant factor.  The meats and cheeses are clearly high quality - no nugget-looking sausage or strangely yellow and rubbery cheeses are to be found here.  The coal fire baking process also ensures a crust that is crispy on the outside, while still soft on the inside.  Many of the items on Black Sheep's menu are unique, tasty, and highly recommended.  And, for those serious pizza lovers who cannot make up their minds as to which pizza to choose, Black Sheep servers are quick to inform that all pizzas can be done half and half - even specialty pizzas.  A fun combination for first timers to Black Sheep is a 16-inch pizza, half #5 (fennel sausage, hot salami, onion, and green olives) and half #7 (oyster mushrooms, smoked mozzarella, rosemary, and garlic).  This combo offers a fun contrast between a more typical tomato-based meat lovers pizza and the creamier, smokier flavors of the #7 pizza.  Black Sheep also has a beverage list that is surprisingly broad - from soda to wine, everyone will find a perfect accompaniment to their meal.

In terms of atmosphere, Black Sheep also has a lot to offer.  The St. Paul location, for example, sits just below ground level, but has large windows facing out to the sidewalks.  Patrons can engage in conversation, or enjoy people-watching from below.  The service is fast and friendly, and the servers are actually knowledgeable about the pizzas they serve! 

The lunchtime rush at Black Sheep is very well managed - despite the large number of hungry patrons, no one was forced to wait very long.  Even during this busy time, once seated, diners only needed to wait about ten minutes or so for the food to arrive at the table.  This makes Black Sheep a great choice for workers with only forty-five minutes to an hour to spare for lunch!  What makes Black Sheep an even better choice for the lunch time crowd is the pizza prices - even the specialty pizzas only run about twenty dollars.

So the next time you are deciding where to go, look no further than Black Sheep!


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