Ash Cave Falls - Beautiful Scenic Park Waterfall in OH

Ash Cave Falls beautifully drops 90 feet right over recessed Ash Cave in Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio.

Ash Cave Falls is a beautiful scenic waterfall that drops 90 feet right over recessed Ash Cave in Hocking Hills State Park in south-central Ohio about 40 miles south of Columbus and 80 miles northeast of Cincinnati. The water flowing over the falls comes from the oddly named East Fork of Queer Creek.

Image Source by Miriam Poling

Ash Cave itself is a unique place to visit and it is big as it measures some 700 feet long and 100 feet deep as well as being 90 feet high at the peak. The cave was named by early settlers into the area who found massive ash piles under the recessed cave left by the local Native American Indians. The cave kept the ash piles safe from the elements as the cave must also have protected the Indians.

Image Source by Kralizec

Ash Cave Falls is considered a seasonal waterfall meaning it will dry up at times during dry spells. In the wintertime when the conditions are right visitors to the waterfall see a real treat as Ash Cave Falls freezes. The water at the base of the falls forms an ice cone that expands and extends upwards.

Image Source by Paula R. Lively

In some years the waterfall will totally freeze over from top to bottom.

Image Source by Paula R. Lively

Ash Cave and Ash Cave Falls are located in the southernmost section of Hocking Hills State Park in Logan, Ohio. The parking area for the cave and falls is located right off Route 56 a few miles east of South Bloomingville. There is a short trail from the parking area to the cave and falls. Hikers can take the Ash Cave Gorge trail which goes right behind Ash Cave Falls and also hike the Ash Rim Trail above the cave and falls.

Image Source by Micah Maziar (View from behind Ash Cave Falls in Ohio)

Visitors who want to see Ash Cave Falls flowing best are advised to visit after a good rain or during the spring runoff. Overnight visitors can stay at the nearby Hocking Hills Resort which offers vacation homes and cabins for rent as well as a fine restaurant. Couples can also get married and have their reception here as well as wedding pictures taken at Ash Cave Falls.

Image Source by BIGDOG3c

A trip to scenic Ash Cave and beautiful Ash Cave Falls in Ohio is sure to delight anyone and everyone who loves nature.

Image Source by Benimoto

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