2012 Cuban Festival Review

This is a review of the Cuban Festival that returned to Riis park located on Chicago's west side. The festival returns every year to bring the community a taste of the Cuban culture. This year however, this one is more expensive than the last. This is the

By Jeramie L Bizzle


Chicago, IL- August 4th and 5th, the Cuban Festival returned to Riis Park located on Fullerton and Narragansett. But there has been some changes to the event that disagreed with all of the visitors who came out for a festive day. Last year, the festival was open to five dollar donations and presented an inviting atmosphere that kept the event full of those expressing their Cuban pride and those looking to see what it has to offer. This year the changes threw people for a loop where the price was a mandatoryseven dollars, security made you threw away any outside food and drinks (only because they want you to spend more money in the park) and to top it all off, a severe thunderstorm sent the few that went running for shelter either in a tent at the event or a nearby Burger King waiting for the storm to pass. Security made one woman in the park pour out her six year old daughters water bottle because the of rules, needless to say that the mother was displeased.

As mentioned above, there were few in attendance as opposed to last years. Since the opening at ten in the morning, very few came out to enjoy the event because of the reasons mentioned above. Reason being is because there was a mix up in the advertising of the event. In the fliers, many people thought that the event was fifteen dollars per person, when actually it is fifteen dollars per person if there is a family of four, this deal was actually meant to save people money but due to the small print, many got confused.

Everyone agrees that this years fest was one of the worst and most expensive that the park has had. Rumors began that this may be the last time that the event will come to the park and they might relocate, but it is just a rumor.

For future recommendations, unless the Cuban Festival resumes their old methods as they did in 2011, people will continue to miss the event as they do with the Colombian fest. If you are trying to get out the house and have some change in your pocket, you can afford to get in and walk around but that just as far as your going to get as far as enjoying yourself, but this you is is best that you take your money and do something else that you might enjoy.


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