10 All-Time Rainiest Weather Days in Baltimore History

The ten rainiest weather days in the history of the city of Baltimore, Maryland.

These are the ten rainiest days in the history of Baltimore dating back to 1871. The all-time rainiest day in Baltimore occurred on October 23, 1933, when 7.62" of rain fell in the city.

Baltimore can have drought periods, but they never really last for very long. The area is subject to weather fronts bringing in moisture from both the west and the south. Typically, the western fronts move quickly and tend to not drop as much precipitation as the southern fronts. Storm systems from the south pick up tons of water from the Atlantic Ocean and can dump heavy amounts of rain and snow in Baltimore.

Most of the time when people visit the Inner Harbor and surrounding hotels in Baltimore, the weather is pretty good. The city does not get deluged with rain too often.

The last time Baltimore got deluged with heavy rainfall was on September 30, 2010. The city got 6.02" of rain that day, which is the second rainiest day in Baltimore's history.

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10 Rainiest Days in Baltimore History

1. October 23, 1933 - 7.62"

2. September 30, 2010 - 6.02"

3. September 24, 1912 - 5.97"

4. July 8, 1952 - 5.85"

5. September 16, 1999 - 5.02"

6. September 27, 1985 - 5.00"

7. October 12, 1955 - 4.91"

8. September 6, 1895 - 4.76"

9. June 28, 1885 - 4.47"

10. July 27, 2004 - 4.45"

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On average, Baltimore gets 3.49" of rain per month, and 41.85" of rain per year. Every wettest day on the top 10 list is above the amount of rain New York averages per month.

In general, the amount of rain Baltimore gets per year is pretty evenly spread out across the months and seasons. There are no real wet and dry seasons in the Baltimore area. The wettest month of the year is July, which averages 4.07" of rain, followed by September at 4.03", and May at 3.99", March at 3.89", June at 3.46" and December at 3.37".

The least rainiest month of the year in Philadelphia is February which averages 2.89" of precipitation annually, followed by January at 3.05", April at 3.19", August at 3.29", November at 3.30" and October at 3.33".

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